About Us

We Love Backyards! 

As brothers growing up in a family of five kids, Thomas and I made a LOT of memories out in the backyard. Whether it was afternoons playing roller hockey or wiffleball on the driveway, night-time games of kick the can, or family parties featuring washers and cornhole... it feels like our backyard was always bumpin.' Music, games, and (eventually) beer coolers. Those memories will never fade! 

When Nate joined our family, he fit right into our backyard vibe. He smokes some mean chicken wings, knows his way around a yard game or two, and would rather be hanging on a deck or patio than anywhere else. We discovered that backyards like ours weren't just for the homeowners - they're also some of the best places to welcome and connect with others. Backyards are low-key, real, and inviting. It's why we love 'em. 

The goal of Backyard Brand is simple - we want to share the love. Make stuff that takes us all back in time, and share the joy with those who remember alongside us. We'd also love to contribute to enshrining backyards for generations to come - as the magical places they are for us. 

Cozy up, it's all casual back here. Welcome back home! 

- Howie, Thomas, and Nate